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Our Team

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Ethel M. Villalobos, Ph.D.

Ethel is the lead researcher for the group. She is currently working on examining Varroa resistance on the local bee population and has also a project with Africanized bees in Arizona. In addition, she assists the Hawaii Invasive Species Council in monitoring airports for Africanized bees.

Zhening Zhang, Ph.D.

Zhening received his Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii this year! He is currently assisting the lab with ongoing research projects relating to bee health and biosecurity. 

Scott Nikaido

Scott is a long time contributor to the project. He continues to participate in ongoing projects including the Africanized bee project in AZ. 

Collaborators and Past Members

Jessika Santamaria

Jessika obtained her M. Sc . from the University of Hawaii.

Emanuel Miranda

Emanuel is an experienced beekeeper and M.Sc. student in Tropical Apiculture in Costa Rica. He is currently participating in our Africanized bee project in Arizona.

George Hudes

GH. This website is still under construction. Check back soon!

Phil Juern

PJ. This website is still under construction. Check back soon!


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